Who takes dietary supplements ?

Supplements Canada and other countries are promoting are like glucosmart and various others. There are national nutrition requirements which ensure that thanks to supplements Canada and it’s inhabitants get enough and more of what they need per day, everyday.

Glucosmart is just one of these and if you go through the national nutrition you will realize that there are various kinds of people who need to take supplements. Canada and the world over have almost the same national nutrition charts.


The kind of people who need supplements are those that want their health to improve overall, those that want to stay and remain healthy. It is also consumed by those that want healthy bones and teeth. Those that want to supplement their diet especially as they are eating less due to wanting to decrease their weight. It is taken by those that are health conscious and want to prevent health problems later on. It is taken by people who want to keep their heart healthy and to lower their cholesterol. It is also taken by people that want to prevent colds by boosting their immunity, those that want to prevent arthritis and keep their joints healthy. It is used by those that want increased energy as well as those that have dry skin or those that want healthy skin. There are others who also take supplements for healthy colon health or for better bowel movement. These supplements help people who have low iron in their body and those that suffer from anaemia. It is used by those that want better and healthier eyesight, increased mental health and for those that suffer from muscle related issues. Those that want healthy hair and nails too take these supplements as well as those suffering from prostrate and menopausal problems and also those that want to improve their sleep.