The Pros and Cons Associated With Hookah Pen Discussed Here

There are many pros as well as cons associated with the hookah pen. With the help of this article, you will come to know all about this topic. You will see that there are many brands of hookah pens available in the market. Hence the things being discussed here can vary slightly. You need to choose your pen in accordance to your lifestyle. Firstly you will be made aware of the advantages associated with this pen.

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Pen pros

The biggest advantage of using the hookah pen is its portable nature. You can travel with it quite comfortably and easily. The size of the pen is nearly equal to that of a pen or cigarette. You can keep the pen inside your pocket or even inside the purse. Therefore you will be able to carry the pen to almost any place.

Tobacco less

The hookah pen does not contain any amount of tobacco. If it did, then there would not exist any difference between smoking a cigarette and a hookah. If you cut down the consumption of tobacco, you will be getting rid of thousands of deadly chemicals. These chemicals can even cause cancer, thus hookah australia can prevent that from happening.

Nicotine free hookah pen

The nicotine chemical present in the cigarettes can get people addicted to it. You will not even find traces of it in the hookah. Whenever you consume the nicotine containing substances, you will get a certain kind of hit. You will not find such a thing in hookahs.

You are not required to clean the shisha pen from time to time. In today’s world, most people are quite busy and do not have time for cleaning the hookah. When you use the shisha based hookah, you spend a lot of time smoking, the pen can be a little expensive for some people.