Take a Look on the Big Fat Diabetes Lie

Diabetes is a form disease where glucose level increases in your blood and affects the normal functioning of the body. Every 3 out 10 people is suffering from diabetes in today’s world.  There are two type of diabetes:

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Type 1: It is actually juvenile diabetes where the patient have it since childhood and have to inject insulin throughout the life.

Type 2: It occurs in adulthood to people who are not maintaining proper diet and leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Reversing diabetes, live free                   

But here I am going to tell you about alternative ways to cure take care of your diabetes. It is a thinking rooted deep inside our mind that once affected by diabetes, we should have restricted lifestyle. Given an ache right? But not worry I have an awesome way to reverse your diabetes just by changing your food habits and at the same time not restricting yourself.

What will big fat diabetes lie give you?

Food habits plays an important role in every form of disease and the way to cure it as well. So here I will tell you about one of the very well-known diabetes book “the big diabetes lie”.  This book by Sidorov tells you about how to cut off few items from your diet to reverse your diabetes.

So here is the list of items which should be excluded:

  • Alcohol
  • Conventional cow’s milk
  • Oils like soybean oil, vegetable oils these should be removed.

The items which should be included:

  • Food items rich in fibre content
  • Food high in chromium
  • Good proteins, supplements


So the book will tell you about this thing only in great details and the big diabetes lie reviews gives you more understanding about it. It tells you how will maintain a balanced diet and all the ways mentioned are also natural. It is very easy to understand and comprehensive. Sidorov has given the explanation about all the food items and the users can actually see improvement within a span of 30 days. You can also check the hungry review big diabetes lie and be the judge.