Exquisite Necklaces of Lugano Diamonds that you must know about

Lugano Diamonds is set on creating a great difference in the world of diamonds. Moti Ferder, the CEO of Lugano diamonds, is to be thanked for such designs and intricate work that we see in the jewelry items. Be it rings, be it brooches, be it necklaces, he is making things in a different style altogether. You will not come across such amazing pieces anywhere else.

Moti Ferder has given some great knowledge to Lugano diamonds, and you will be able to see that through their famous necklaces listed below:

  1. Paraiba glows: This is a 17 carat Paraiba Tourmaline that is suspended over different Paraiba’s in color blue to green and vice versa.
  2. Pastel: This is created with a green diamond of 1.5 carat along with diamonds of different shades weighing 3 carat.
  3. Pink dream: This consists of a Pink Morganite of 16 carat with rose cut diamonds surrounding it.
  4. Yellow blossom: The best quality of this ring is the diamond is detachable. It is a yellow diamond of 4 carats along with diamond flowers in yellow color and weight 12 carats.
  5. Emerald of the east: This has natural pearls in the necklace and with an 18-carat emerald medallion.
  6. Floating trillion: This has a diamond chain of 15 carats with a trillion cut diamond suspended at the end which weighs around 3 carats.
  7. Ocean necklace: The whole necklace consists of many different elements. The cabochon opal is put between moonstones along with different diamonds and aquamarines. The opals weigh almost 40 carats.

The necklaces are not ending with just 7 but much more. Moti ferder has made his name in this industry, and his company is shining with these diamonds and necklaces. You need to try one of them to understand how beautiful they are!

Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Entertainment and What You Should Do Today

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Entertainment

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Top Entertainment Choices

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What You Don’t Know About Entertainment

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What to Expect From Entertainment?

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The Fundamentals of Entertainment That You Will be Able to Benefit From Starting Right Away

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