CEME online- A New place to play the game of Ceme.

One of the most popular card games of Southeast Asian countries is Ceme.  Game of ceme is quite similar to traditional 99 Domino as well as Kiu Kick.  However in this cute game there are only two domino cards instead of 4. The game is played with 28 cards where each card has different value. Nowadays with the technology advancement one can play Ceme online as well as judi bola with other players.

Basic understanding of card series in Ceme

Maximum 8 players can play game of ceme. Out of which one has to be banker. In the game everyone is given two dominos. Each domino has two side one which has dots in it and other side which is same for all cards. The side with dots on is divided in two halves by a line. Value of each card depends on the number of spheres present on the card. These cards are divided in six series depending on the spheres present on the card. Various series are as follow:

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  • Card series Zero- This series consists of cards which have no spheres on either side of card. There are 7 such cards.
  • Card series one-This series have cards which have one big sphere on either side of card. They are 6 in number
  • Card series two-This series consists of cards which have 2 dots on upper or lower side of cards. There are 5 such cards
  • Card series three- There are 4 cards in this series, it includes cards which have 3 spheres on upper or the lower side.
  • Card series four-there are three such cards in game and they have 4 spheres on upper or lower side of card
  • Card series five-this includes card which have 5 dots on upper or lower side of domino. there are only two such cards in game
  • Card series six- This include card which has six spheres on both the sides of the domino. There’s only one such card present in the deck.

Who wins the game?

Winner can be a player as well as banker, depending upon who has maximum score. If player card score is less than banker than banker will get the money of the bets and vice-versa if the player card score is more than banker.

The game is quite popular online. There are numbers of sites available where these gambling games can be played online, or in other words Situs Judi online.