Canadian Health Structure and Its Comparison in the Survey

In the year 2015, the organization named Canadian Community Health Survey defined nutrition to be the health of the nation under a survey. This survey would ensure the residents of the Canadians and from every corner of the entire province about how their eating habits are to how they consume the various supplements Canada. This particular survey emphasized on the other various health factors too. This particular survey was firstly conducted in the year 2004, to ensure the perfect supplement consumption of vitamins and minerals. The same survey was conducted later on in the year 2015 where the range of looking for alternatives for nutrients was varied in nature. Hence a direct comparison can be drawn from the two conducted surveys.

supplements Canada

Several other nutrient components

The term multivitamin is referred to the kind of nutritional supplement which consists of three different types of vitamins but is not necessarily composed of minerals within. Considering both the surveys multivitamin was a product of supplement used in both the surveys namely in the year 2004 and in the year 2015. Glucosmart is another very commonly used nutritional supplement which was rightfully used in both the surveys in the respective years. The percentage of consumption of multivitamin in the year 2004 was slightly more than that of the year 2015.

Fats are also consumed in the form of supplement

Fatty acids named Omega -3 is one of a kind which needs to be consumed externally when the body is unable to produce the same. This is indeed a part of the national nutrition as these types of fats helps in the development of the human body which perfect growth both neurological and physical. People are being made aware of the need and requirement of the same and hence the demand is rising eventually. The percentage of people consuming the same is relatively less but it is gradually increasing. This has been a better supplement to be consumed in the year 2015, however, no data is available for the same in the year 2004.