3D Robotics Solo Offers some Rave Drone Camera Reviews

People who like SDKs are certain to like this drone as there are a lot of drone cameras reviews available. It may also come with a lot of software downloads. This drone is quite heavy at 3.35 pounds and therefore, it is mandatory to register it with FAA before flying. There are a lot of LED indicators on its body that can make it quite attractive while flying. The LEDs are well supported by its massive 5,200 mAh battery that is located on the top of the unit rather than being inside it. The drone has an angular design and its exterior has been made from black plastic and therefore, it may not be much attractive. Some other noteworthy points are also discussed here.

drone cameras reviews

  • It has some unique features – Many drone cameras review have highlighted some of its unique features that include its much desired ‘autonomous flight’ ability due to which there can be much room for various experiments. It also comes with a Go Pro action camera and gimbal accessories. The software of this drone is very easy to use and customize. The controller of this drone is large enough and has a convenient OLED screen for access. There are two joysticks available for flying the drone that can make it quite appealing.
  • Its video quality and flight performance is good – Although there is only one auto flying mode in this drone that is known as Orbit, yet it can be very easy to fly due to the availability of the large controller station. This drone may not take videos and photos by itself. A frame is provided to attach an older Go Pro 3 or the recent Go Pro 4 cameras. An HDMI cable can be used to connect the drone and camera. The video feedback can be stored in a controlling app that is associated with the drone. This best drone camera can click 4k videos at 60 fps that can look quite professional.

There is considerable ease of use with this drone due to which it is highly preferred.